About Us

ASSAM TEEHAUS (ATH) is a novice initiative to showcase Organic and Natural Assam Teas among ordinary and connoisseur Tea Lovers across the Globe. It's been conceptualised by MadhurjyyaGogoi, one enthusiastic Small Tea Grower of Upper Assam who has been venturing into Quality Tea Production through sustainable Organic and Natural farming practices.

So far, post production, Tea Manufacturing or Processing is vested on large factories only. But in ATH, we vouch for breaking the stereotype. We are not only producing the green tea leaves but converting it to finished Tea through some indigenous & modern methods. We are the small Tea farmers and producer-manufacturer of some of the best quality leafy Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea etc. Our Teas are mainly Hand Processed and we produce very minimum quantity of high grade Specialty Teas. Different varieties of single cultiver Teas are carefully hand-picked and process at source resulting in unique quality. We at ATH welcome you all to cherish that Unique Quality in varieties of Black Tea and Green Tea and experience the Joy of having a great cup of Tea!!!

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